Sling-Shield Sell Sheet

Sling-Shield Sell Sheet

Euroglass Protective Products

There are now 5 sizes of Sling-Shield available in roll sizes 300’ & 600’

6″ X 300′ roll white, Shore Power protective sleeve with UVI protection. To protect expensive Shore Power Cords, lines & hoses from damage and keep dock areas neat & clean during dockage.

8” X 600’ roll with UVI protection is used for a number of things. To protect large Shore Power Cords during dockage from damage especially during tide changes and vessel movement, to keep dock areas clear and neat. Used in boat manufacturing during  assembly and marine service (especially servicing large yachts) to run power cords, air lines etc over side of boat to prevent damage and marks of boat surfaces.

Sling-Shield is used to protect vessel hulls from sling damage during haul-out & launch. Sling-Shield rinses off completely so as not to transfer dirt etc. from one boat to another and keep slings clean extending sling life.

A quotation e-mail from Paul Cobb-Adams, Yard manager @ Keehi Marina Center, Hawaii

“We replace the Sling-Shield roughly once a week or roughly every 20 vessels. Thank you for your product it means a-lot to the men working in the yard it’s less work which means more production.”

When boats with bottom paint are lifted by a boat lift the slings tend to peel the paint from the hull, Sling-Shield helps stop damage to bottom paint and hull paint. Sling-Shield is also used as a duct tube to direct air into a boat during service or assembly when attached to a fan or air conditioner. Used to exhaust dust and, fumes from inside holds, engine compartments and cabins for service person safety during repairs and assembly.

Sling-Shield will shrink (with very little heat) used to protect sail boat masts during transportation and storage.

Sling-Shield is a simple 1 man installation system.

16” Sling-Shield comes in 300’ & 600′ rolls white 16″ is for standard 12” slings.

18” Sling-Shield comes in 300’ & 600’ rolls white 18″ for slings with rub-rail pads.

36″  8 mil. white Yacht Sling-Shield in 600′ roll used on Mega Yacht Mobile 300 ton Boat Lift slings

Sling-Shield is simply pulled over the sling, cut from the roll and taped in place.

Sling-Shield Tape comes in 2 size rolls 1.5″ x 108 ft. and 1.5″ X 180ft. Sling-Shield tape is a poly-vinyl tape. Used to hold Sling-Shield to the sling to prevent it from slipping down the sling during usage. This tape will hold to the Sling-Shield when wet. Tapes like duct tape and masking tape will not stay in place once submerged in water.

Sling-Shield is made in the USA

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