Benefits Of Sling Shield

Made by Euroglass Protective Products, Sling-Shield is used to protect boat hulls in the yard as well as sail boat masts during transportation and storage. It is a simple one-person installation system where a polyethylene protective sleeve is pulled over the sling or mast, cut from the roll and taped in place.

Easy And Clean

Sling-Shield rinses off completely so as not to transfer dirt etc. from one boat to another and keep slings clean extending sling life.

Protect Your Hulls

When boats with bottom paint are lifted by a boat lift the slings tend to peel the paint from the hull, Sling-Shield helps stop damage to bottom paint and hull paint.

Air Circulation

Sling-Shield is also used as a duct tube to direct air into a boat during service or assembly when attached to a fan or air conditioner.

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